Wednesday, July 4, 2007

roulette secrets - my taxi driver confessed!

hi I have an absolutely funny story and I though I would share with all.

On the way home from the casino today I was having a friendly chat with the taxi driver, and as a very keen gambler he reemed off a system that he swore made him $5k.... (ok he didnt sound very confident) but what he said made me think.

Basically all he did was bet 2 dozens plus a colour, basically covering 18 numbers, he would never increase his bets after a loss, rather up as he won, he was adamant it worked.

Now I'm not saying this guys will be the next one with a book, but I will say that this seems like one of the old systems I saw about 10 years ago that got lots of wrap for making people big profits. So I guess you could adleast perform tests. My motto is that everything deserves to be tested at least once.

For others out there that are currently on the floor laughing thats fine too, i had a chuckle as I left the taxi. LOL sometime we can't plan a more humerous day.



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Monday, June 25, 2007

Roulette Secrets - When A Win Turns Into A Loss!

When a great win turns into a loss you should be wrapped across the knuckles 20 times. Too many times do I see people go to the casino, have a major win and then only get cocky then lose it all, give it back plus a bit extra....

Yes don't act like this never happens if its you. I guarentee it would have happend at least once or twice.

There are two reasons why this will happen on any given day.

1) Emotion : did you know that your mood can effect your results at the table?

2) Greed : Greed one of the so called "deadly sins" greed will do one thing in a casion. Set you up to go down in a ball of flames.

there is one song that I heard on the radio a week ago. Its main chourus "you gotta know when to hold em' and know when to fold em!" and this is so true and any table at the casino.

If you don't walk away from taking a big win, or continuous small losses, you will end up losing it all or end up with no money to gamble with. Not to mention end up on the scrap heap!

So if your finding that this keeps happening to you then I urge you to think about the walkaway technique. It has worked wonders and in the long run you will always come out a winner.

Hope this helps.



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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Rebels System Rakes In $99 In 3 Minutes!

Howdy folks!

After coming back from las vegas I have something special that I will be sharing with you in a day or so.

One of my clients challenged me to see how much money I could make with the roulette rebels system

I thought heck I do quite well but I wanted to show just how powerful this system is. So I put it to the test and guess what....I won $99 in about 3 minutes.

I was astounded but I really thought that to make it even better I could record my session live and show you just how powerful this really is. sooooo.... in a day or so I will show you what happend and reveal to you one of the most powerful roulette systems out there.

Heck it must be good if I was able to make nearly $100 in only a matter of a few minutes. To get your copy of this powerful system right now head over to :-



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Monday, June 18, 2007

roulette secrets - more ways to increase wins

For the novice gambler, roulette gambling seems like a very difficult task to learn. It is true that learning the strategies used by pros can take years of experience to master, but you can find many sources online that outline the basics of roulette gambling. Just keep in mind that it takes a while to become a master gambler and to pace yourself.

Basically, you use chips to place your bets on a variety of number and colors on the roulette table. The Croupier (dealer) spins the wheel and a number and color is chosen. As the wheel spins, a small ball rolls around the wheel and lands on a destination. This is just an example of the basics of roulette gambling.

Roulette gambling can be as simple as placing a bet and watching the wheel spin. Winning in roulette gambling is a combination of strategy, odds and luck. You will not win every round; knowing the odds of the game can greatly influence your success in roulette gambling. Practice does not necessarily make perfect in roulette, although the more you play and the more experienced you become, the better you will be at gauging the odds.

You can always try roulette gambling at an online venue to begin with. Many websites offer free roulette gambling and this might be a great way to learn the game and test your abilities. As you feel more comfortable with the game, you may decide to play at a casino or at an online venue that is pay-to-play. Roulette can be a fun and exciting game with the potential for great payouts

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Roulette Secrets - playing roulette the stats.

Hi all,


Don here from



You might be stuck thinking of all the negatives about

 playing roulette at the casino, but did you know

even before you walk into the casino you have a

players edge over the casino.


To have a players edge you will have to be able to

 win more than you lose. Here is what your edge

 consists of on any given day as soon as you walk

 through the doors of a casino.


1)     If you are losing you can quit!!

2)     When you are on a winning streak you can walk out with the casion’s money

3)     You can vary the size of your wagers at any time.

4)     You have the ability to pick where and when to play.

5)     You can modify your strategy based on table and conditions.

6)     You can formulate your own strict discipline rules and stick to them.


There aren’t a lot of players that realize how much of an

advantage these offer. The casino cannot be flexible. It

must continue to offer the same games and the same

rules, without the ability to react to changing conditions.


Talk Soon




P.s. for the most amazing and fool proof system to playing roulette and winning

visit our site today.


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Friday, June 1, 2007

roulette secrets - practise makes perfect

Did you know that there are high rollers that have alot of ways to earn extra money at the casino using specialised tactics.

One way they do this is to continuously practise their particular system on a similar roulette table at home. What they will do is get a roulette wheel that is smaller scale but still like the real thing and use it to place bets (dummy bets) this help them stay in focus and make sure that they are playing any of their systems to the maximum potential.

The longer you play and get to know a particular system the better off you will be, and the more chance you have of winning. These smaller scale wheels are an excellent way to practise any system and you will be suprise at just how accurate they really are. Most can be purchased from games or novelty shops. However one thing you must be aware of is the price. You dont what to buy a 20 dollar dodgy job....sometimes to buy a quality one you will have to spend a few hundred. Although a little on the nose, it will be well worth it if it saves you thousands of dollars at the casino or online when you are playing with real money.



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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Playing Roulette To Win : 8 Strategies To Help You Win Playing Roulette

Playing Roulette To Win : 8 Strategies To Help You Win Playing Roulette

Don't listen to those silly sayings like "the house always wins". Playing roulette is actually not that hard. You just have to know how to bend the rules a little. If you have been playing roulette before and have been losing here are some simple ideas that will increase your chances of winning next time you sit down at the roulette table.

1) In order to increase your odds of winning: Compare our pre-picked number vs. the current spun results of that particular table before betting...If most spun results scored at 1st to 3rd tries, this is the table you want to stay with. If most spun results scored at 4th to 5th tries, do not play at that table.

2) In a game of chance you never know what will happen next, so mathematical systems cannot be applied. Don't use complicated systems when playing roulette.

3) No matter how many time a black or a red shows up in a row. i.e. black shows 17 times in a row, it doesnot mean that red will show on the next spin.

4) Be sure to play the european roulette wheel because it only has one 0 slot. The American wheel has one extra slot, "00" which totals 38 slots. This means when you are playing roulette at this particular table the house advantage is only 2.7% and not 5.26%. It will increase your chances of winning.

5) Don't get emotional when playing roulette. Keep a calm mind, even if you are taking a loss. It is very easy to get carried away and let emotions take over. If they do its better if you leave, go and take a break or a drink and come back at a later time. Use profit and loss levels and quit once they have been hit.

6) Don't bet too big initially when you sit down at a table. The worst thing you can do when playing roulette is to lose all your money in one go. Don't think that next spin is going to be a winner. Bet small lots frequently. It will help you make more profits in the long run.

7) When deciding on where you want to be playing roulette, pick a table location that is near a wall and away from other disctractions like : food, drinks, noisy people, nosiy machines, glittering lights. These will all cause a distraction when you are tryin to concentrate and win.

8) Play "en prison" rules if the casino allows it. Casinos with the American roulette casino game sometimes use a version of the "En prison" rule called "Surrender". With this rule in use, player placing even bets only loses half of his bet on a spin of 0 or 00

Playing roulette is designed to be fun! So incorparate these strategies and you will have a greater chance of winning.

Good luck!

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