Wednesday, July 4, 2007

roulette secrets - my taxi driver confessed!

hi I have an absolutely funny story and I though I would share with all.

On the way home from the casino today I was having a friendly chat with the taxi driver, and as a very keen gambler he reemed off a system that he swore made him $5k.... (ok he didnt sound very confident) but what he said made me think.

Basically all he did was bet 2 dozens plus a colour, basically covering 18 numbers, he would never increase his bets after a loss, rather up as he won, he was adamant it worked.

Now I'm not saying this guys will be the next one with a book, but I will say that this seems like one of the old systems I saw about 10 years ago that got lots of wrap for making people big profits. So I guess you could adleast perform tests. My motto is that everything deserves to be tested at least once.

For others out there that are currently on the floor laughing thats fine too, i had a chuckle as I left the taxi. LOL sometime we can't plan a more humerous day.



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